Monday, January 9, 2012

I was never good at writing a self intro, but here goes nothing....

So, here's a few things about me: I'm an aspie, and therefore a natural skeptic. No surprise I couldn't be pulled by anyone into the mind-destroying mess that is religion. So of course, autism and the asinine conspiracy about vaccines are topics that are pretty damn important to me. I thought the aggressive atheist in me was going to calm down after my graduation. Fat chance! A few years later I've got the same drive to tear up a few crazies again. I guess it's a part of me that just won't change. Well, that and it can't change thanks to the fact that I've still got crazies trying to pull me into the void! I'm also a liberal thanks to the fact that they're the only rational people on the political spectrum. I'd rather NOT see my country turn into the theocracy that the conservatives would turn it into or go back to the days of the robber-barons like it would be if libertarians had their way.

I've been lurking on a few skeptic blogs for a few years (mainly Pharyngula and Skepchic), but it's time for me to stop lurking and get involved. It's damn good fun to skewer crazy ideas and the people who try to push them, but that's not the only reason to come out of the shadows. I'm not going to read about another elevatorgate or redditgate and then sit quietly while several skeptics who should fucking know better try to make excuses for the asshats that were responsible for it. The community needs more people who will pounce on these asshat enablers, and I'm stepping up to the plate!

So yeah, that's me, and I'm speaking up now even if you don't want me to. Actually, especially when you don't want me to!

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